Thanks to uber dwarf fan Nikki Kearney for the translation!

"The current psychedelic revival has given the music scene a new impulse. It has also brought back the openness of the 60s. Today’s bands can use a much bigger pool than their colleagues from the 60s. The English band Big Dwarf make detailed use of it with their 4 track EP/Album Towards Abstraction. Their understanding of psychedelic music is apparent from all angles. The four tracks which total 10 minutes each integrate and work with genres such as German rock, psychedelic, shoegazer, electronic, space rock, acid folk, trip hop and even elements of dance. It is thanks to the skills of the seven-member band that an organic whole comes out of it. Towards Abstraction sounds with the flowing changes of a monstrous psychedelic wave. Oh yes, in the last song, Inner Space, singer Alison O Donnell sounds like the English acid folk legend of Mellow Candle that she is, upon which Towards Abstraction reaches the higher orders..."

comic book image; portrait shot of a dark haired, suited man wearing sunglasses.  He has his hands on a steering wheel and is saying (via a speech bubble) 'NOW THE FUN BEGINS!'